The so-called Commission of Investigation is now exposed as what we have always known it to be, a shallow dishonest exercise in suppressing the truth.

There can be no Justice without redress for survivors and that redress must be paid for by Religious Orders who have harvested enormous wealth by inflicting misery and death on the most vulnerable in our society.

There can be no Justice without an Inquest into the dead of Tuam. They died horribly and unnecessarily. They had no life as children. The State owes them the dignity of an Inquest and a Death Certificate that truly shows why they died.

There can be no more betrayals of our dead children.

Chapter by chapter we will in the coming weeks publish what we have discovered over the last almost eight years. Today we begin with “The Hidden History of Tuam”.

Our fight has not ended, it has barely begun. We have so far relied entirely on our own meagre resources. We would be grateful if even in these difficult times, you can give some small support to our campaign. We begin again today.

Thank you,
Peter Mulryan

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